Can Nutribullet Crush Ice?

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Since its release in 2012, the Nutribullet’s popularity has increasingly risen, gaining international recognition and becoming a household name worldwide.

If you’re looking for a simple way to be healthy, Nutribullet has got you covered.

As a self-proclaimed superfood nutrition extractor, Nutribullet is paving the way to help you strive for a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Renowned for its philosophy that good nutrition has the power to transform lives, Nutribullet can blend more than just smoothies.

From soups to milkshakes, the versatility and convenience of Nutribullet mean that they are making a name for themselves with only Vitamix ahead of them in terms of power.

However, people new to Nutribullet might be wondering just how powerful this appliance is: can Nutribullet crush ice?

So let’s go over the main facts that you need to know.


You can crush ice in a Nutribullet, but how well your Nutribullet will crush ice has a lot to do with the amount of liquid you have in your blender.

A liquid base is essential to ensure a smooth consistency. No one likes a lumpy smoothie!

It is therefore not recommended by Nutribullet that you blend ice alone, but as a refreshing addition with other ingredients to thicken or cool your chosen recipe.

Nutribullets are generally designed to blend fruit and vegetables with ease, making nutrition fun and convenient for you and your family.

You can safely throw ice cubes into the mix when it comes to blending fruit for a smoothie, but you will also need some liquid to ensure a smoother and less grainy consistency. 

You might find that to crush ice more easily, you could try adding a splash of water and blend in intervals, making sure to shake the ice around if the blades are struggling to crush it.

This may result in more of a slushy ice consistency, however, you are far less likely to damage the appliance with a dash more of water or another liquid of your choosing.


It is also worth mentioning that how well your Nutribullet will crush ice will depend on the number of watts that your Nutribullet is.

Higher watts generally contribute to the versatility of your blender, but the standard Nutribullet operates at 600 watts and is designed to break down food at the molecular level.

A powerful motor is used to drive the blades and the maximum number of watts that you should consider for an ice-crushing blender is 1500 watts maximum or 1000watts minimum.

The Nutribullet’s capabilities to crush ice will depend on the watts that your Nutribullet has, as you will generally find that the higher the power the easier it will be to crush ice in your blender. 

However, to crush ice alone, you might find that a manual ice crusher would be a cheaper alternative than to risk blunting the blades of your Nutribullet or worse, breaking it entirely!


Something else to consider when crushing ice in a Nutribullet is its blades.

As Nutribullet’s primary purpose is to blend fruit and vegetables as opposed to ice, it is important to mention that the blades aren’t specifically designed to blend ice. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add ice.

It does however mean that to crush ice, your Nutribullet’s blades are going to have to work harder than usual.

With prolonged use, you might find that your blades could dull sooner than they usually would if you were just using it to blend fruits and vegetables.

However, with enough liquid in your Nutribullet, this shouldn’t be too much trouble.

There are multiple accessories for the Nutribullet, including different types of blades to choose from.

However, the ice crushing blade that they make is unfortunately only compatible with their Magic Bullet blender and not the general Nutribullet. 


You need to take into account the capacity of your Nutribullet when it comes to blending and crushing ice.

According to the Nutribullet website, the Nutribullet blender can crush at least four cubes of ice but in combination with different fruits and vegetables.

You should not add more than four ice cubes to a Nutribullet at a time to prevent you from packing the appliance too full. 

The tall cup that the Nutribullet comes with has the capacity to hold 24 ounces and the short cup has the capacity to hold 18 ounces.

Do not fill the cup past the max line as it will affect how the blender works and could even begin to leak out of the sides if you do.

Alongside this, if you were to overfill the Nutribullet, the quality of the blend would go down and you might find that you have a less smooth texture.

If you do this, it is likely that you’ll need to add more liquid to the remaining ingredients in order to blend them sufficiently.

Alternatively, you can pulse blend what is inside your cup for a short, sharp period before removing it to shake, repeating the process until you are satisfied with the consistency. 


If you’re thinking about trying to crush ice alone in your Nutribullet, it’s worth thinking about the longevity of your purchase.

After all, no one wants their newfound love for nutritious meals and smoothies to go up in smoke! 

As Nutribullets are not specifically designed to crush ice, you don’t want to end up accidentally breaking your Nutribullet through negligence.

Nor do you want to affect its blending capabilities by frequently overloading it with ice, so be sure to not go over the four cubes that Nutribullet recommends.

It’s good to know the facts to avoid any upset, so to recap some tips that you should remember: 

  • Remember to not overload your Nutribullet with ice, four cubes maximum and do not exceed maximum line.
  • Always add liquid and pulse your blender if it is struggling to crush the remaining ice and ingredients. 
  • If in doubt, you can always check the Nutribullet website to see what is safe to blend.

Happy blending!