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On a hot day, there’s nothing better than enjoying a nice cold beverage while relaxing and soaking up the sun.

However, taking a sip of your drink only to realize that it isn’t as cold as you were anticipating can be a major disappointment, or what’s worse is investing in a container that doesn’t keep the ice in its solid-state for very long instead allowing it to melt, leaving you with nothing but a container full of coldish water. 

Whether you enjoy spending time with your family or hosting large gatherings, a high-quality ice bucket could be the solution to these issues.

There are different types available to accommodate different lifestyles and uses. While some may use the ice bucket to hold ice, others may use them to store their drinks.

Most ice buckets come with double wall insulation which will prove effective in regulating a cold temperature to keep the ice cubes or drinks colder for longer. We have selected our top five picks of the best ice buckets that the market has to offer.


Oggi Insulated Ice Bucket, 4 Quart / 3.8 L, Stainless Steel, Black

The Oggi Ice Bucket boasts a double-wall insulated design that will keep your ice colder for longer.

It also features an acrylic flip top lid which retains a cool temperature inside the container. For those who appreciate convenience with a minimalistic design and fewer parts, this ice bucket could be the choice for you.

Courtesy of the transparent lid you are provided with a visual guide of the ice levels so you can evaluate when it needs to be refilled.

The design also incorporates a designated slot for the ice scoop provided. As such, you needn’t worry about any surfaces getting wet.

As a 3.8 liter bucket, it can store wine, champagne, and cocktails, or a decent volume of ice. If you enjoy hosting large parties and gatherings this bucket is sure to accommodate all of your guests.

Following use, the bucket can be easily cleaned simply needing to be washed using soap and water.


  • Convenient carry handle - this makes it easier to move the ice bucket around and carry it when it requires refilling.
  • The construction - the polypropylene exterior will prevent a build-up of condensation. 
  • The Capacity - as a generously sized ice bucket, it isn’t going to require regular refilling.
  • Affordability - This is an affordably priced ice bucket that offers a great value option.


  • The feel of the handle - the handle has been made using thinner materials that have a sharp feel so it is important to be cautious of this when lifting the bucket.


Bellemain Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Lid - Double Wall Insulated Ice Bucket for Cocktail Bar, Parties, Buffet - Bartender Ice Cube Holder with Drip Tray, Tongs - 3 Liter Large Ice Container

Simplistically designed, the Bellemain 3 Liter Insulated Ice Bucket will make the perfect, unobtrusive addition to your table agree.

Conveniently sized, it offers the capacity to hold plenty of ice along with a decent amount of drinks too. The double-wall insulation also prevents condensation from developing.

Inside the ice bucket, there is a slotted tray that will prevent the ice from melting quickly. In fact, this bucket claims to keep your ice frozen for 6 hours.

Because of this, you can enjoy a relaxing time with friends and family without having to worry about the ice melting or the drinks becoming warm and unappealing.

This ice bucket also comes with tongs which will make the task of serving the ice cubes much easier, ensuring that they are transferred glasses without creating a lot of mess in the process.

Thanks to the handles which are positioned at each side of this bucket, it is easy to carry when necessary.


  • Cleaning the bucket - Following use, this ice bucket can easily be wiped over using soap and water. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing - the classic and simple design means that this bucket can be positioned on any table without looking out of place.
  • Insulation Quality - Impressively, many customers have reported that this bucket successfully keeps ice frozen for at least 4 hours.
  • Durability - As a high-quality ice bucket, it resists damage and denting well delivering long-lasting use.


  • Insufficiently sized tongs - the tongs are a little small and may make it difficult to secure a tight grasp on the ice cubes.


OXO Good Grips Double Wall Ice Bucket with Tongs and Garnish Tray,Gray

If you are looking for an ice bucket that comes with an impressive array of accessories, look no further than the OXO Good Grips Double Wall Ice Bucket.

Durably constructed the metal container is enclosed in a plastic housing so you needn’t worry about it damaging easily if it is accidentally mishandled.

Designed with an internal reservoir, the metal water will be separated from the ice cubes so you can enjoy fresh tasting beverages. Using the convenient carry handle, you can transport this ice bucket with ease.

It also has a 3.3-quart capacity offering a decent amount of space for holding the ice cubes or storing a few drinks. Aside from this, it has been made using BPA free plastic so you can be confident in the product's safety.

Impressively, the brand provides you with some helpful accessories. The nylon tongs have been designed with sharp teeth so you can easily grab the ice cubes before transferring them to your drinking glass.

We particularly like the removable garnish tray which can be secured inside the bucket to keep garnishings such as lemon and lime cuttings fresh and chilled. 


  • Storing the tongs - when the tongs aren’t in use they can be hung on the collapsed handle out of the way of damage or misplacement.
  • The accessories - When you purchase this ice bucket you will be provided with tongs and a garnish tray for convenient use.
  • Transparent lid - this allows you to see inside the container to evaluate when the ice levels are running low.
  • Durability - this ice bucket has been made from thick plastic which is going to be more effective in withstanding damage.


  • It isn’t airtight - Unfortunately, this bucket isn’t airtight so the ice is likely to melt sooner.


Ice Bucket with Lid, Scoop, Tongs and Strainer - Well Made Insulated Stainless Steel Keep Ice Frozen Longer - Ideal for Cocktail Bar, Parties, Chilling Wine, Champagne - 3 Liter (Stainless Steel)

The WENEGG Ice Bucket boasts a double-wall insulated design which is going to be effective in keeping the ice frozen for longer.

The strainer sits at the bottom of the bucket and will separate the ice cubes from the melted water to ensure that those which remain intact stay cooler for longer.

As for construction, this ice bucket has been made from BPA-free stainless steel so you can be confident that it is safe for use. It also possesses durable qualities that are going to resist denting and rusting so you can enjoy many uses.

With a 3 liter capacity, it offers the capacity to hold plenty of ice or ice and multiple bottles of your chosen beverage.

Along with the bucket, you are also provided with a scoop and tongs so you can use whichever one you feel makes it easier to pick up the ice cubes.

It also comes with a lid that will maintain a cool temperature inside the container so that the ice stays colder for longer.

Should you experience any problems using this ice bucket, you can consult the user guide provided for help. 


  • Easy to clean - in between uses, this bucket can easily be cleaned using a wet cloth or sponge. 
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty - If you are dissatisfied with your purchase the brand will offer you a replacement or a refund. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing - The sleek design of this ice bucket means that it will blend into your interior or exterior decor. 
  • Durability - this ice bucket has been made from strong and robust materials so it offers the durability required for long-lasting use.


  • The strainer is prone to moving - Unfortunately, the strainer is prone to moving around inside the container which may be annoying to some users.


Jozo Ice Bucket Insulated with Tongs and Lids 3.4 Quarts for Parties and Bar, Stainless Steel Double Wall with Strainer

Uniquely and elegantly designed, the Jozo Insulated Ice Bucket is an ideal choice for those looking for a sleek addition to their serving area.

With a 3.4 quart capacity, it will hold a decent amount of ice or a combination of ice and a few bottles of your favorite beverages. Whether you are going to be entertaining your guests indoors or outdoors, this ice bucket is bound to cater to your needs.

In regards to construction, this ice bucket has been made from double-layered thickened stainless steel.

For this reason, it isn’t only going to be effective in keeping the ice cool for long periods but it is also very durable and will withstand damage and denting fairly well.

To maintain a cool temperature inside the bucket, the lid can be closed in between uses and the stainless steel ice tongs can be secured inside the lid for convenient storage.

The strainer keeps the ice cubes separated from the melted water so that they remain intact and colder for longer.

It is also suitable for dishwashing so it can be easily cleaned and maintained in between uses to preserve the quality of the materials.


  • The handle - the firm handle makes it easy to carry the ice bucket when it requires refilling. 
  • Insulation Quality - this ice bucket claims to keep its contents cold or frozen for around 6 hours. 
  • Durability - Made from high-quality tough and robust materials, this is a strong and robust ice bucket that is going to resist damage well.
  • Warranty - this ice bucket is covered by a 1 year warranty so there is help available should you experience any issues with the quality or you are dissatisfied with your purchase. 


  • The Quality of the tongs - some customers have reported that the tongs are a little flimsy and small.

Best Ice Bucket Buying Guide

To ensure that you select the best ice bucket for your requirements there are several factors that you will need to consider before making your purchase.

Below we have identified some features of an ice bucket that is worthy of your purchase.

The Material

Your ice bucket should be used from high-quality, safe materials that are free from BPA. Opting for a bucket made from food-grade materials is also preferable.

The majority of offerings are made from plastic, stainless steel, or even glass. Stainless steel is an effective temperature conductor and will slow down the speed at which the ice cubes begin to melt.

Although plastic doesn’t tend to be as durable, it is typically transparent and because of this, you can see when the volume of ice is running low.

The Size

You will also need to consider how much ice you will need the bucket to hold and this will be decided by your intended use of the product.

If you are going to be using the bucket for hosting a large party, it will need to have a larger capacity. However, if it is going to be used for smaller gatherings or family use, an average size bucket is likely to suffice. 

You want your ice bucket to have the capacity to hold as much ice that is needed for the number of people that you are catering to so that you don’t have to keep getting up and going back and forth to refill it.

The size can differ between brands so it is important to check the product specifications to ensure that the bucket is the correct size for your requirements.

The Insulation

It is important to check the quality of the insulation mechanism as this will help you to avoid purchasing a bucket that delivers poor performance.

The insulation of the bucket is going to determine how long the ice cubes remain intact before they begin to melt.

Double-wall insulation is preferable as it is going to be effective in eliminating the presence of any condensation and this will ultimately keep the ice colder for longer.

The Accessories

While some people may choose to use the ice bucket to hold drinks to keep them cold others will use the bucket to hold ice cubes.

The majority of ice buckets come with tongs that allow you to pick up the ice with use. Many will also come with a lid that retains the temperature inside the container to keep the ice colder for longer.

Others will come with a stand that elevates the ice bucket so that the ground below it doesn’t become wet and the bucket is easy to reach.

If the bucket doesn’t come with a stand you may wish to purchase one separately. Many stands will collapse so that they do not consume a lot of room in between uses.

Ease To Clean

Your ice bucket should be easy to clean. Most can be washed using soap and water and this will allow you to maintain the quality in between uses.

Ensuring that the bucket is thoroughly cleaned will also prevent it from rusting.

The Weight

The weight of the ice bucket is going to determine how easy it is to transport back and forth each time it requires refilling.

The weight of a heavy bucket is going to be accentuated once the ice has been added so it is important to consider this as it may influence the style that you purchase.

A lighter ice bucket is going to be preferable for those who have to carry the bucket a short distance from where they add the ice to where they are sitting and entertaining their guests.

The Price

Ice buckets tend to be a pretty affordable purchase with the majority retailing below a $40 price range.

The quality of the bucket is often reflected in the price at which it retails. It is also important to ensure that the bucket boasts all of the features that you require.

If the bucket doesn’t come with the accessories that you require, you will need to account for these additional purchases too.

The Warranty

Many brands will cover their products with a warranty and this policy will ensure that the brand is responsible for any defects that affect the quality or if you are simply unsatisfied with the product that you receive.

The length of the warranty will differ depending on the brand as some will offer a longer policy than others.

Some brands may not offer a warranty so it is important to consider whether this is going to be a deciding factor in your purchase.


How long will ice last in an ice bucket?

You should expect ice that has been stored inside an ice bucket to last anywhere in the range of 4 to 18 hours with the longevity ranging depending on the material construction of the bucket, the type of ice that you are intending to store and the quality of the insulation.

Should you add water to an ice bucket?

To ensure that your ice bucket is used correctly, you should fill it with ice before adding water up to the halfway mark.

Once you have done so, you can then add in your beverages. If you require more water and there is room available to accommodate it, you can add more.