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Ice Ball Mold
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On a warm summer's day, there is no better feeling than sitting outdoors soaking up the weather and enjoying your favorite beverage.

However, traditional ice cubes tend to melt fairly quickly once added to your drink and as a result, your beverage may become warmer and you will likely find yourself regularly adding fresh ice cubes to keep it chilled.

Ice Ball Mold

An ice ball mold provides an effective solution to such issues.

The molds will create perfectly shaped frozen spheres that retain their shape and melt slower when added to your beverage. 

As such, you can enjoy a nicely chilled drink over a prolonged period without it getting watered down or diluted. There are many different ice ball molds available with different styles to choose from.

We have reviewed our top 5 picks of the best ice ball molds below.

You will also find our handy buyer’s guide where we have outlined some features to look out for when choosing your product. 


Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds - Set of 2

The Tovolo Ice Sphere Molds create 2.5” ice balls that are great for low or highball glasses.

Enjoy a refreshing, chilled drink using these slow-melting ice cubes that will refrain from diluting the concentration of your beverage. As these ice cubes last longer you won’t need to replenish them regularly. 

The base of these molds is accompanied by tight-fitting lids that will effectively seal to the silicone to prevent any odors from clinging to the ice balls.

This also allows you to stack multiple molds on top of one another and this will consume less room inside your freezer.

As for construction, the materials used to make these molds are of food grade standard and BPA-free so you can be confident that they are safe to use.

The plastic elements are also sturdy, durable, and leakproof so they aren’t going to spill water as this may affect the final shape of the mold. 


  • Cleaning - these molds are dishwasher safe so you aren’t faced with the chore of cleaning them yourself.
  • Fill line - this makes it easier to see how much water needs to be poured into the molds.
  • Removal - The ice molds are easy to remove from the mold to add to your drink.


  • Cracking - on occasions, the ice balls are prone to cracking so it is important to ensure that they are stored and handled carefully. 


Chillz Ice Ball Maker Molds for Whiskey (4 x 1.78' Balls 1pk)

Made from high-quality silicone, the Chillz Ice Ball Mold will make four 1.78” ice spheres that will last longer when added to your drink than traditional ice.

The food-grade silicone is BPA-free and non-toxic making it safe for use.

The shape of these molds also makes it easier to store them in multiple quantities inside your freezer.

As a flexible material, the silicone will resist damage caused by breaking or cracking and delivers long-lasting use.

It is easy to use and fill and is also suitable for dishwashers so it is easy to clean after use. 

When the lid is secured, it will seal to the base of the mold and when stored inside your freezer it will refrain from spilling, instead creating perfectly shaped ice balls.

The lid can then be removed with ease when needed to access the ice balls.


  • Guarantee - this ice mold maker is covered by a 30 day guarantee so you can return it if you aren’t satisfied.
  • The Size - as a compactly sized mold, it isn’t going to take up a huge amount of room when stored inside your freezer. 
  • Longevity - this mold creates ice spheres that will refrain from melting for an impressive amount of time.


  • Rigidity - due to the flexibility it can be difficult to fill up the molds without the base losing its form and spilling the water. 


Ice Cube Tray, Large Square Ice Tray and Sphere Ice Ball Maker with Lid for Whiskey, Reusable and BPA Free (Silicone Ice Cube Molds Set of 2)

The Adoric Ice Ball Trays come in a set of 2 and provide you with a sphere ice ball maker and a square ice cube mold.

The aforementioned creates 6 1.8” ice balls, whilst the latter makes 6 2” ice cubes. As such, you can choose the best variation of ice according to the beverage that you are going to be enjoying.

As the trays have been made from silicone, the ice will not stick to the surface and this allows you to remove the ice balls or cubes with ease.

This material is also of food-grade standard and is BPA free, therefore it isn’t going to be harmful or toxic to the user in any way. 

Impressively, they have a temperature resistance within the range of 104℉ to 446℉ and can complement a variety of drinks.

They are also dishwasher friendly so you needn’t worry about having to clean them yourself after use. As the molds are designed with raised edges, the lid will adhere to the base to ensure that there isn’t a risk of the water leaking. 


  • Versatility - You are provided with two different types of molds so you can create your preferred shapes of ice.
  • Colors - there are two colors available so you can choose your favorite option.
  • The Quality - these are long-lasting ice molds that have been made to a high standard.


  • Leaking - Some customers have reported that the lid of the sphere mold maker doesn’t always seal tightly to the base so there is a risk of leaking. 


Ice Ball Maker, TINANA Reusable 2.5 Inch Ice Cube Trays, Easy Release Silicone Round Ice Sphere Tray with Lids & Funnel for Whiskey, Cocktails & Bourbon

The TINANA Ice Ball Maker can make 6 2.5” ice balls which will be a great addition to a selection of beverages.

Because these ice cubes are slow melting, you can enjoy your drink in warmer temperatures without worrying about it losing its coolness. 

This tray has been made from a combination of PP plastic and silicone and both materials are safe and durable.

As such, they aren’t going to become easily damaged or deteriorate in quality at a fast pace. Impressively, this maker also possesses heat-resistant properties and can resist temperatures in the range of 104°F to 428°F. 

As the lid fits tightly to each allocated sphere slot, the ice will form a perfect shape.

This will also ensure that it does not come off easily so there isn’t a risk of the contents leaking. 

You are also provided with a funnel which makes it easier to add the water to the molds creating minimal mess as you do so. 


  • Cost - As an affordably priced mold maker, it is a great value option.
  • Filling The Molds - The plastic base makes it easier to fill the mold without it losing its rigidity. 
  • The Quality - Made from high-quality materials, this ice maker is likely to see you through many uses.


  • The Lid - the color of the lid makes it difficult to see how much water you have added to the molds. 


glacio Round Ice Cube Molds - Whiskey Ice Sphere Maker - Makes 2.5 Inch Ice Balls - 2 Pack

If you are looking for convenient but effective molds, the Glacio Round Ice Cube Mold Maker could be a great choice for you.

You are provided with two molds that make generously sized 2.5” ice balls that can be added to a variety of beverages. As the melt melts slowly, the ice balls will keep your drink chilled for longer.

The molds have been made from silicone which is BPA-free and safe.

Thanks to the flexibility and non-stick surface of this material, the ice balls can be removed from the molds with ease.

As individual molds, they are compactly sized and can be stored with ease inside your freezer.

These molds can be cleaned with ease as they are suitable for dishwashing. They are also available in a pack of 4 if you require more sphere ice balls. 


  • Guarantee - the brand offers a full money back guarantee so you can return the product if you aren’t satisfied with the quality. 
  • Ease of Use - These molds make it easy to create perfectly shaped spheres and come with clear instructions for additional guidance if needed.
  • Removal - the flexibility of the silicone makes it easy to remove the ice balls once they have frozen.


  • Leaking - unfortunately, some customers have experienced issues with these molds leaking. 

Best Ice Ball Mold Buying Guide

There are many different types of ice ball molds available.

To ensure that you select the best product for your needs, we have identified a range of factors that we would advise you to consider below. 

The Design

Whilst some ice ball molds will be dome-shaped, others will be tray-shaped.

Those that come in a tray typically have a larger capacity and allow you to make more ice balls. Typically, they tend to have flat lids too which makes it easier to store multiple trays on top of one another.

Those that are globe-shaped are still available in trays, however, you will find many individual options too.

One design isn’t necessarily better than the other and the type that you choose depends on which one you would consider the most effective in creating perfectly shaped ice balls. 

The Material

Silicone is a material that is commonly used to make ice ball molds although there are plastic options available too.

Though an advantage of silicone is that it is flexible and allows you to remove the ice balls with ease, some molds made from this material lack the rigidity that is required when adding the water and this may cause it to spill.

Silicone also needs to be laid flat to prevent the water from spilling out whereas plastic is easier to store because it is firmer. Because of this, some may prefer the robustness of a plastic mold maker as it isn’t going to encounter this issue.

For the best of both, there are molds available that are made from a combination of plastic and silicone and they, therefore, benefit from the qualities of both.

It is important to ensure that the material is of food-grade standard and BPA-free as this means that it isn’t toxic and is safe to come into direct contact with food products. 

The Size

The specifications of the product will state the size of the ice balls that it will make. Most can create ice balls that are 2” or bigger.

Larger ice balls are preferred because they will melt at a slower rate than smaller ice balls.

As a result, your drink will stay cooler for longer and it won’t contain as much water content. 

The size of the mold itself will also determine how easy it is to store. You may experience difficulties when attempting to store a bulkily sized mold maker inside your freezer.

For this reason, some may opt for individual molds that can be conveniently stored in any available space or those that have flat lids so you can store multiple trays on top of one another. 

Ease Of Use

Some ice balls molds will be easier to use than others. Although it may seem tempting to fill the molds up with water and put them straight into your freezer, there is actually a certain method that will need to be followed.

Most manufacturers will provide instructions with detailed guidance regarding how the molds should be used.

Those that are designed with small holes at the top are likely to be more difficult to fill especially if you have a tap that projects a fast and intense flow of water.

To avoid this issue, you may benefit from using a funnel so that you can direct the water into the molds with greater ease.

Those that have a fill level are also useful because this will inform you exactly how much water needs to be added to the molds. 

Removing The Ice Balls

Ideally, the ice balls should be easy to remove from the molds. Those that are made from silicone tend to make this task easier because you have more flexibility when it comes to moving the material.

Others will require you to apply pressure to the base of the mold to encourage the ice ball to move from its slot.

It is preferable to opt for a product with a non-stick surface, because as implied this will prevent the ice from clinging to the surface ultimately making it easier to remove. 

Most manufacturers will also detail the steps that you will need to follow to remove the ice balls from the mold with ease. 

The Quality

The Quality of the product is super important. You don’t want to invest in your ice ball mold only to find that it breaks shortly after.

Those that are made from durable, high-quality materials will ensure that this isn’t an issue. As the water will expand as it freezes, a high-quality mold will also resist damage.

The quality of the mold will also influence the outcome of the ice balls. Those that lack quality may cause the ice balls to crack and fail to form a perfect shape. 

Ease To Clean

A great thing about most ice ball molds is that they are easy to clean. Once you have finished using the product you can simply pop it into the dishwasher.

Of course, you aren’t going to be confronted with a great deal of mess in any case as the ice balls are simply formulated from frozen water. Check the product specifications to ensure that it is suitable for the dishwasher. 

The Color 

The majority of ice ball molds are black although some will be available in other color options too.

It can be difficult to see how much water you have added to the ice mold if they are darker in color and aren’t designed with a fill line. If this is likely to be an issue for you, you may prefer a clear ice ball mold. 

The Cost 

On the whole, ice ball molds tend to be a pretty affordable purchase. Whilst there are some that retail with a higher price tag, there are many other great value options available too.

When making your selection, it is important to ensure that your chosen product doesn’t compromise on quality as this may leave you disappointed when your mold fails to create the ice balls that you were expecting.

We have included a variety in our guide above to cater to individuals on different budgets. 

The Guarantee

Some manufacturers will cover their products with a satisfaction guarantee.

This means that you can return the product if you are not happy with the quality or its functionality. 

The type of guarantee can differ between brands and some do not offer a guarantee at all so it is important to determine whether this is going to influence your final purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fill an ice ball mold?

The method of filling the mold will depend on its design. Most molds, especially those that are globe-shaped, will need to be filled halfway and then topped up via the hole at the top.

Those that are tray-shaped will require you to fill the base before securing the lid back on. You may also be provided with a funnel that makes it easier to add the water to the molds. 

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